A Marketplace of High-Impact Healthcare Solutions

On 23rd November, SAMRIDH organized a ‘Marketplace of High-Impact Healthcare Solutions’ – an interactive platform to showcase the new tech-driven health innovations that are playing a significant role in improving healthcare services for India’s most vulnerable populations. The event was attended by Ms Änjali Kaur, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Asia, USAID, who engaged with various healthcare businesses supported by USAID through SAMRIDH.

Featuring breakthrough innovations, including hand-cranked defibrillators, drones delivering life-saving medical supplies to remote regions, portable neonatal CPAP devices, tech-enabled healthcare supply chain ecosystem, and waterless hygiene products for critical care patients – the marketplace provided a unique opportunity to learn more about the health innovations supported by SAMRIDH through its blended finance solutions, technical assistance & business advisory services.


1. Blackfrog Technologies
Emvólio – Vaccine cold chain technology for last-mile delivery

Blackfrog Technologies has developed Emvólio, a portable medical-grade refrigerator designed to deploy vaccines under controlled temperatures for up to 12 hours. A single Emvólio device can carry 30-50 vials of vaccines, making it possible to administer up to 300-500 doses of life-saving vaccinations. Once charged for 3.5 hours, this 5.5-kg device can be used for 12-15 hours.

2. Cardiac Design Labs (CDL)
Padma Vitals – A multi-vital remote monitoring platform

A centralized monitoring system for ECG, respiration, Spo2 and body temperature, Padma Vitals allows healthcare workers to monitor vitals of patients remotely via cloud services. It consists of a wearable device that collects data from the patient and uses algorithms to analyse it. Its interface further enables healthcare providers to access the health data and analysis of multiple patients from anywhere in the world.

3. Clensta
Waterless products for critical care and ICU patients

Clensta has created a portfolio of hygiene products using a novel waterless technology that enables cleansing and disinfection of the entire body without water. These products assist with the cleanliness and hygiene of bedridden individuals or patients in ICU care without water, making their application ideal for low-resource settings. The waterless solutions have been successfully deployed in hospital settings across India and to the Indian Armed Forces – Navy, Army, and CRPF.

4. InnAccel Technologies
Saans – A respiratory support device with CPAP therapy for infants and neonates

Saans is an indigenous and innovative, infrastructure-independent, easy-to-use, and portable neonatal CPAP system, which can provide lifesaving breathing support to infants in all hospital settings, and during transport. It is a revolutionary product that has already saved almost 10,000 babies in India and Ethiopia.

5. Jeevtronics
SanMitra 1000 HCT Biphasic Defibrillator – First triple-powered, defibrillator

A first-of-its-kind, low maintenance, cost-effective, battery operated and handcranked defibrillator, this device is the only ambulance-rated defibrillator in India. It can be charged from the AC mains within 6-7 seconds, which is twice as fast as multinational players’ brands and is priced at less than 25% of what they cost. The long lifespan, affordable costs, and ability to run without electricity make this defibrillator critical for use in low-resource settings.

6. Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt Ltd
e-health and m-health technology solutions

ReDeMi Nova ™ Kits are ground service kits linked to a comprehensive end-to-end telemedicine platform providing home care, screening, doctor consultation and on-call nurses and technicians. The kit is designed as a briefcase that is carried by designated healthcare providers for community screening. The platform includes provisions to develop electronic medical record (EMR), conduct Video/Audio conferencing and maintain workflows for telemedicine consultation, screenings as well as second opinions with specialists

7. Pluss Advanced Technologies
Celsure® – Temperature-controlled shipping boxes for pharmaceuticals

Celsure® boxes are made from ‘phase change materials’ using the concept of thermal energy storage, to maintain insidetemperature without electricity at desired levels for up to 120 hours, bringing in operational and cost efficiency in transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. PLUSS has received Government of India’s Technology Day award for 2021, for its Celsure® range of pharmaceutical cold-chain packaging solutions.

8. Qure AI
qXR – AI-powered medical image reading technology

qXR, is an AI-enabled chest X-ray solution that can identify up to 30 distinct lung abnormalities in under a minute. The qXR algorithm incorporates learning from a dataset of more than 4.2 million chest X-rays from across the globe. It can be used by healthcare workers to identify, prioritize, and reduce transmission of highly communicable diseases.

9. Redwing Labs
Drone solution to deliver medical products

A Redwing drone can cover the distance of approximately 30 kilometres in under 30 minutes and provide an effortless and on-demand delivery of medicines in rugged terrains. The drone can be used to supply medical products, including COVID and routine immunization vaccines, blood products and samples, essential and emergency medical products in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

10. Sevamob Ventures Pvt Ltd
Mobile Clinics & Point-of-Care (PoC) Diagnostics

An innovative healthcare solution provider, Sevamob is setting up robust telehealth and point-of-care screening and patient data management systems, to provide general and preventive health check-ups and at-home screening and treatment for asymptomatic, mild, and moderate COVID-19 patients. Through these initiatives, Sevamob aims to address the scarcity of medical staff and diagnostic services, and decongest hospitals and government health facilities

11. Teslon Technologies
Carenation – Remote Tele-ICUs for Critical Care

Carenation, a remote tele-ICU solution by Teslon, is a single-unified tech-enabled platform that facilitates continuous data collection and monitoring from patients. It enables physicians and doctors to remotely monitor the patients and provide critical care to the patients specifically in remote geographies. The large dataset generated by carenations can be used to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to assess the health risk of a patient, which in turn predicts the probability of complications and enables timely decisions.

23 Nov 2022
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A Marketplace of High-Impact Healthcare Solutions
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