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Non Invasive & Invasive Ventilator Training Program


As on July 2022


healthcare professionals trained in COVID management and prevention.

Geographical Focus
  • Maharashtra and Delhi
Potential Impact
  • Train


    health workers in COVID management

Samridh support

Support from SAMRIDH will help AAA+ Healthcare, a healthcare consulting company, to conduct dedicated training programs for Ventilator Training for healthcare professionals across various hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai & Pune. The entity trained 5000 healthcare providers over the last year consisting of doctors and nurses trained in the basics of ventilator care and COVID management. Post-training, the majority of the participants were successfully placed. The doctors were trained in both theory and practical (using a mannequin) on ventilator care, high flow oxygen care and non-invasive ventilation. The nurses were trained in COVID management, ventilator care, infection control, and practice.


According to WHO, there is a global shortage of 4.3 million health workers, including approximately 2.4 million doctors, nurses and midwives.


By 2030, the global demand for health workers is predicted to reach 80 million, while only 65 million are predicted to be available.


In rural and remote areas, more than half of the world’s population but only about 23% of all health workers.

A shortage of qualified health workers in remote and rural areas limits access to healthcare services and challenges the goal of achieving health for all. The COVID-19 crisis opened up a dire need to strengthen the health systems and make them equitable and sustainable. During the second wave of COVID-19 in India, medical staff on the frontlines were deployed under stressful conditions and faced burnout and high infection rates. Most were unaware of the safety measures as well as lacked understanding on critical care management of the patients in the ICUs. Proficiency on use of ventilators was one such essential action. However, the academic curriculum designates no separate training specifically for ventilators for doctors and nurses. This urged for the development of a curated program to train the medical professionals on critical care management, especially on ventilator management.

Ventilator Management Training Program for Medical Professionals

During COVID-19, AAA+ Healthcare developed intensive short term training courses to build the capacities of healthcare professionals to ensure better clinical management of severe COVID-19 patients, and build an additional cadre of trained doctors and nurses for future health emergencies. The direct beneficiaries of these training workshops were healthcare professionals serving COVID-19 patients in need of critical care, especially in facilities catering to underprivileged sections of the society. With support from SAMRIDH, AAA+ Healthcare conducted one-day training workshops for health professionals – specifically doctors and nurses on management of COVID patients admitted for critical care in intervention facilities for training on ventilator use, HFOC, non-invasive ventilation (NIV), infection prevention and control (IPC), clinical management). The first phase of training was held in Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi, followed by a series of refresher training sessions. The first phase of training was held in Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi, followed by a series of refresher training sessions.