AWL India Pvt Ltd

Expansion of Tech-enabled, on-demand supply chain


As on September 2022


Million medical equipment and drug cargo delivered


Million lives reached


Million COVID-19 vaccines delivered

Geographical Focus
  • PAN India
Potential Impact
  • Reach

    80 Million


Samridh support

SAMRIDH has supported AWL in covering the operational expenses for the expansion of temperature-controlled warehouses. Using the cash collateral secured through SAMRIDH as a partial risk guarantee, AWL was able to secure additional commercial capital without blocking its own funds. Further, the savings realized by AWL through SAMRIDH’s partial risk guarantee was used to support the capital expenditure of the business leading to the expansion of their operations.


of all vaccines in India are wasted due to compromised cold-chain management practices [1]


of vaccine vials tested indicated signs of freezing [2]

In April-June 2021, when the number of COVID-19 cases spiked suddenly and exponentially, it was quickly realised that fast and complete vaccination would be the only endgame for this pandemic. While vaccines were being manufactured at accelerated speeds, administering an injectable vaccine to the eligible adult population across the length and breadth of our vast country seemed like an onerous and insurmountable challenge. Most of the COVID-19 vaccines being distributed in India require some form of cold storage, and even a single transport leg or storage port that isn’t temperature-controlled puts the potency of the vaccine at risk, even rendering it ineffective.

AWL India, one of the leading providers of supply chain solutions to the Indian government, has developed a seamless pan-India network of climate-controlled warehouses to ensure equitable delivery of COVID-19 equipment and other medical supplies. AWL’s collaboration with SAMRIDH has enabled expansion of cold storage supply chain to 8-10 locations and ambient storage supply chain to 70 locations, covering 550 districts across India. As of July 2022, AWL has delivered 40 million COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

Through SAMRIDH’s support, AWL has expanded its services beyond vaccines and is also providing warehousing facilities for other medical relief material like ventilator, oxygen machines, medicines etc. For this, it has remodelled the end-to-end supply chain to fit the complete healthcare service range and not just vaccines and drugs. AWL has thus far delivered 430 million medical equipment and drug cargo across the country, benefiting 80 million people.

To enhance scale of operations for ensuring last-mile delivery, AWL has empanelled third-party distributors to penetrate hilly and tribal areas of northeast India that have low levels of logistic service penetration. 750 medical consignments have already been delivered to remote geographical areas of the country.