High-quality and affordable healthcare


As on July,2023


Identified digital health centers in partnership with village pharmacies


Served patients

Geographical Coverage
  • Focus districts: Motihari, Siwan, Gopalganj, Darbhanga, and West Champaran in Bihar
  • Focus villages: 100
Potential Impact
  • Reach over

    2 lakh


Samridh support

SAMRIDH is supporting BigOHealth in getting commercial validation for the hyper-local distribution channel. The intervention will enable access to quality and affordable healthcare for 10,000 low to middle income rural patients in 100 villages of districts Motihari, Siwan, Gopalganj, Darbhanga, and West Champaran in Bihar, reducing their travel time and out-of-pocket expenses. SAMRIDH’s M&E team is closely coordinating with the BigOHealth team to establish efficient reporting systems for performance monitoring. This collaboration ensures accountability and effectiveness in providing quality and affordable healthcare access to underserved rural patients.

  • Hundreds of millions of rural Indians lack essential medical attention due to inaccessible and unaffordable healthcare, leading to poor health, loss of livelihood, and preventable deaths
  • This also pushes over 55 million people into poverty annually[1]
  • Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, home to 300+ million people, are among the poorest states in India, making healthcare unaffordable for many in the regions.

BigOHealth’s hyper-local digital centers: Strengthening access to quality healthcare

BigOHealth provides the underserved rural population with access to high-quality and affordable healthcare across primary, specialist, and tertiary care. It offers a simple-to-use, vernacular (Hindi language) platform tailored for patients who are low on technology, financial and medical literacy. It helps rural patients to access services such as booking online or in-person appointments, tele and video consultations, and home-based diagnostic tests. BigOHealth is a quick and easy solution that provides faster access to medical care, improved patient convenience, and reduced cost while saving the patients from the exploitation at the hands of intermediaries and unqualified practitioners. It offers a mobile and web app, 24×7 call center, and village pharmacy distribution centers.