Centre for Development Orientation and Training (CDOT)

Focus Area: Training and Capacity Building of Health Workers

Solution: Training Workshops for Community Health Facilitators

Geography: Bihar and Jharkhand

Website: www.cdotbihar.org

Center for Development Orientation and Training (CDOT) was founded in 2000 to provide meaningful interventions in hard-to-reach communities in India. CDOT has operations in Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Assam, and is expanding into Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It has created a network of community and public health workers by training 200 Community Health Facilitators (CHFs) selected from marginalized and underprivileged communities.to provide quality, affordable, and accessible health care services.

Through its program, CDOT aims to promote a Culture of Health in Bihar and Jharkhand, the lowest-ranking states when it comes to household health insurance coverage (NHFS-4).To this end, they will be training 450 community health workers to enroll people in health insurance, improve health seeking behavior, make the community more aware of COVID-19 symptoms, provide information on prevention and treatment, and increase vaccine uptake, thereby reducing the burden on healthcare facilities.

With SAMRIDH’s support, CDOT will reach 450,000 people during the intervention period. A long-term economic and health impact is estimated for the individuals counseled and their families. SAMRIDH’s support will enable CDOT to scale up beneficiary outreach and vaccine administration.