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As on August 2023


lac bottles of waterless hand sanitizers and CovGaurd protection lotion sold

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Samridh support

SAMRIDH’s financial assistance is enabling Clensta to avail affordable capital to expand its sales force and set up direct distribution channels with established networks and players. This will help in increasing volumes and minimize distribution channel margins, thereby strengthening the revenue streams. The partnership will further unlock additional debt funds from a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), exclusively for the promotion of the sale and deployment of its products in medical facilities in tier 2 and 3 cities. Thus, SAMRIDH blended financing approach has enabled Clensta to generate returns for the commercial investor, create leverage on the philanthropic and donors’ funds, and lastly deliver high on-ground impact.


Globally hospitalized patients annually acquire healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs)[1]

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hospitalized patients, in India, acquire HCAIs[2]

The increased incidences of hospital-acquired infections (HNI) that were noted in COVID-19 patients has reinforced the need to ensure patient hygiene in hospital settings. The Low-to-Middle Income Countries (LMICs), including India, have additional risk factors contributing to HCAI acquisition, such as lack of resources and personnel, overcrowding and lack of appropriate cleaning supplies including soaps. Due to climate change and decreasing groundwater levels across the globe, water scarcity is another considerable challenge when it comes to tackling HCAIs. Hence, Cost-effective, waterless technology innovation is needed to provide hygienic solutions in places with acute water shortages.

Waterless products for critical care and ICU patients

Clensta, an award-winning start-up incubated at IIT Delhi, has created a portfolio of hygiene products using a novel waterless technology that enable cleansing and disinfection of the entire body without water. These products assist with the cleanliness and hygiene of bedridden individuals or patients in ICU care without water, making their application ideal for low-resource settings. The waterless solutions have been successfully deployed in hospital settings across India and in the Indian Armed Forces – Navy, Army, and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Clensta also manufactures a unique body lotion and long-lasting hand sanitizers that offer additional protection from viral contamination. The product and packaging are designed with the perspective of minimizing plastic footprints.