Fuzhio Health

Focus Area: Health Infrastructure

Solution: Post COVID plastic waste management, ‘Nobel Plastic Solutions’

Geography: Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai

Website: https://fuzhio.org/

Fuzhio is an eco-social venture that aims to enhance value-chain efficiencies of products that resolve socio-economic and environmental issues. Over the course of two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a mass influx of dead-end, non-recyclable plastics into our environment. Fuzhio aims to chemically recycle these plastics, through a process known as pyrolysis – wherein such non-recyclable plastics are converted into oil, which can further be distilled to obtain fuel, naphtha (a flammable liquid hydrocarbon mixture) and other products.

Fuzhio and SAMRIDH have partnered up with the aim to recycle 250 tons of plastics into fuel in India through a cross cutting collaborative approach – wherein Fuzhio works with aggregators of dead-end plastics, pyrolysis recyclers, Urban Local Bodies (ULB’s) and other institutions to orchestrate the entire value chain.

Fuzhio aims at establishing pyrolysis as a standard solution in three cities across India. Fuzhio’s vision is to set up value chains that use landfill plastics as a source of circular fuel oil, thereby reducing the need to overburden existing crude oil systems of the world, whilst reducing landfill space and handling dead-end plastics in a safe manner.