Focus Area: Medical Device

Solution: Hand Cranked Defibrillator

Geography: PAN India


Jeevtronics is a social and technology venture that has developed the world’s first dual powered bi-phasic defibrillator (SanMitra 1000 HCT), which works even in geographic areas without electricity. The SanMitra 1000 HCT is the world’s 1st and only hand cranked generator powered defibrillator.

Given the significant risk of arrhythmias in COVID-19 patients due to the side effects of medication and drugs used for treatment, making the presence of defibrillators is crucial in every hospital during the ongoing health crisis. The availability of cost-effective SanMitra would benefit the healthcare facilities in providing quality services and ambulances in providing emergency care services and thereby avoiding preventable deaths.

The financial support secured from USAID’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, will enable Jeevtronics to undertake distribution and sales of more than 300 units of this device, across resource constrained hospitals in semi-urban and rural regions of India. Leveraging the useful lifespan of defibrillators, these sales will enable the entity aims to impact lives of 1.9 million under-privileged people.