Krishna Medical Centre

Strengthening Healthcare Infrastructure


As on August 2023


patients served through Mobile Medical Units


patients served through satellite centers.


health camps conducted.

Geographical Focus
  • Dehradun and Uttarakhand
Potential Impact
  • 1.6+

    million lives.

Samridh support

SAMRIDH is supporting Krishna Medical Centre to aggregate funds using blended financing models, to set up an integrated healthcare solution and rehabilitation facility for chronic respiratory diseases in Uttarakhand. The financial support from SAMRIDH will enable the institution to unlock additional debt funding from a bank to cover for equipment and management expenses. Krishna Medical Center promotes and enables gender inclusion in their organisation. The organisation itself is run by a woman whose staff comprises 85% women. The hospital also provides additional facilities like daycare support, incentives and basic upskilling for its women employees. Even female patients are given specialised care and free of cost vitamins and minerals to help them maintain their general health.


cases and 3,740 deaths caused by respiratory infections in India in 2018 [1]


of all communicable diseases in India is attributed to Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) [2]

Post COVID, the number of people susceptible to respiratory illnesses has risen to millions. India currently ranks second globally in terms of the number of cases recorded for COVID- 19 so far. Many states in India have suffered more than others, Uttarakhand has been one of the worst affected states in terms of respiratory illnesses with the least amount of medical support available. The absence of healthcare infrastructure in this state is a matter of grave concern requiring fast and necessary intervention.

1 National Health Profile, 2019

2 National Health Profile, 2019

Integrated healthcare solution and rehabilitation for COVID-19 and related respiratory illnesses

SAMRIDH is supporting Krishna Medical Centre to set up an integrated medical model that will support community health in remote areas of Uttarakhand through the establishment of a 20- bedded ‘Centre of Excellence’ for respiratory care for COVID 19, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other acute respiratory illnesses, along with four satellite centres in remote areas and six mobile testing vans for immediate support. This will follow a hub-and-spoke model with Krishna Medical being the Hub providing multi speciality care. The four satellite clinics, established in hilly and hard-to-reach areas, will provide access to teleconsultation and facilitate emergency support. Additionally, mobile medical units will house the on-ground team for disease control and support, perform outreach to generate awareness of critical ailments, and conduct tele and video consultation with experts.