Manndeshi Foundation


As of July 2023


Health camps conducted


People served through health clinics, health camps and community volunteers (Sakhis)

Geographical Focus
  • Satara district of Maharashtra
Potential Impact
  • 5,00,000

    people in the target districts

Samridh support

Mann Deshi has been supported by SAMRIDH for organizing health camps, building a network of community health workers – Sakhis, strengthening service delivery at their health centers along with promoting health-seeking behavior through doorstep healthcare delivery for vulnerable people from the intervention district.

  • India has a low doctor to population ratio of 1:1456 as compared with the recommended standards of 1:1000[1]
  • Rural areas fare worse with urban-to-rural doctor density being 3.8:1[2]

The COVID-19-induced pandemic revealed major gaps in healthcare systems across the globe. In India, a limited number of hospitals, limited medical infrastructure, low availability of trained health service providers, and restricted healthcare access were exacerbated during the pandemic. The low population ratio to healthcare service providers and healthcare centers, especially outside of the concentrated urban clusters, needs urgent intervention for effective health system strengthening.

Healthcare for rural women

Mann Deshi Foundation, which works towards empowering women and their communities, has established a healthcare ecosystem in the drought-prone Man Tehsil area of Maharashtra’s Satara district, focusing on serving rural women. The entity has established two hospitals, operating on a public-private partnership model, one healthcare center with diagnostic facilities and two cardiac ambulances in the region. Their solution, Healthcare for Rural Women, utilizes the following service delivery models:

  • Door-step Delivery model: Mann Deshi’s Health Sakhis conduct screenings at women’s homes for blood pressure, diabetes, anemia, and other health queries.
  • Health camps: Held monthly for 7 days in collaboration with Gram Panchayats, providing screenings and diagnosis by doctors and gynecologists.

For women requiring further care after doorstep screenings, Mann Deshi’s health center acts as a primary healthcare facility and serves the entire catchment population. Additionally, Mann Deshi’s cardiac ambulances are also connected to the health center, health camps, and government hospitals for patient transportation.