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As on August 2023


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telemedicine centres established in Maharashtra

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  • Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh
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Samridh support

Through ‘Grants + returnable grants’, which are a part of SAMRIDH’s blended financing solution Neurosynaptic Communications Private Limited (NCPL) has been able to expand its production capacity, enhance its technology, and cover operational expenses to generate revenue. The grant repayment period and method has been customised to serve the financial needs of NCPL and ensure its financial sustainability in the long run.



of the population lives in rural areas [1]



of government hospital beds cater to only 30% (mostly urban) of the total population [2]



of rural population travels over 30 km for treatment [3]

In India, shortage of nurses, technicians, and other healthcare workers has been a long-standing challenge. This gap has been further exacerbated with a rapid decline in the number of nurses over the last three years. Similarly, there has also been a sharp fall in the number of surgeons. This pinch is especially prominent in primary health centres (PHC) in Rural areas where there has been limited growth over the last decade, leading to inadequate number of community specialists and nursing midwives. With so many challenges piling up, the last mile access to healthcare in India has been a persistent challenge. Technologically driven solutions are the only way to bridge the gap and reduce the burden on healthcare systems in India.

e-health and m-health technology solutions

Neurosynaptic Communications has created ReDeMi Nova™ Kits, an indigenously developed telemedicine solution with a ground service kit. These kits, which are designed like briefcases, can be easily carried by designated healthcare providers for community screening. ReDeMi Nova™ Kits are linked to a comprehensive end-to-end telemedicine platform which provides home care, screening, doctor consultation, and on-call nurses and technicians. The platform can diagnose up to 40 common health issues. The platform includes provisions to develop electronic medical record (EMR), conduct Video/Audio conferencing and maintain workflows for telemedicine consultation, screenings as well as second opinions with specialists.