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As on September 2022


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Celsure® boxes

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  • PAN India
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    19 Million


Samridh support

Using SAMRIDH’s blended financing model, PLUSS was able to timely access affordable debt by combining credit enhancement instruments such as partial risk guarantee and social success note. This unlocked the required capital to double their manufacturing capacity of Celsure® boxes (temperature-controlled shipping containers for pharmaceuticals) from 3,000 to 6,000 packs per month and meet the surge in demand during COVID-19.


of all vaccines in India are wasted due to compromised cold-chain management practices[1]


of vaccine vials tested indicated signs of freezing[2]

During the second wave of the pandemic in India, when the number of COVID-19 cases spiked suddenly and exponentially, it was quickly realised that fast and universal vaccination is the only endgame for this crisis. Responding to this need, vaccines were being manufactured at accelerated speeds. However, administering them to the eligible adult population across the length and breadth of our vast country seemed like an onerous and insurmountable challenge. Most of the COVID-19 vaccines administered in India require some form of cold storage, and even a single transport leg or storage port that isn’t temperature-controlled puts the potency of the vaccine at risk, even rendering it ineffective. Given India’s inadequate infrastructure to efficiently meet these requirements, there was a need to urgently scale up efforts to strengthen India’s cold chain management and systems to achieve the national goal of universal vaccine coverage.

PLUSS provides Celsure® containers that maintain precise temperature between 2 and 8°C, 15 and 25°C and -20°C, for up to five days. These containers are made from ‘phase change materials’ using the concept of thermal energy storage, to maintain inside-temperature without electricity at desired levels for up to 120 hours, bringing in operational and cost efficiency in transport of temperature-sensitive products. They are used by pharma, diagnostics and biotech companies to pack and transport temperature sensitive drugs, vaccines, test kits, clinical trial samples and other products that require a constant temperature to maintain their efficacy. PLUSS has received Government of India’s Technology Day award for 2021, for its Celsure® range of pharmaceutical cold-chain packaging solutions.

With support from SAMRIDH, PLUSS aims to double the manufacturing capacity of Celsure® boxes to 6,000 boxes per month and set up a conditioning facility in Hyderabad. This will assist pharma and biotech companies in making timely deliveries of covid-19 test kits, drugs and vaccines to remote areas where it is a considerable challenge to maintain the right cold-chain. SAMRIDH will also assist with procurement of the Celsure® containers by nations in Africa, to facilitate quick vaccination of their citizens.