Post Interim Budget Panel Discussion – Healthcare Sector, 2024

Organization: BW Businessworld

Himanshu Sikka, Project Director at SAMRIDH, engaged in a discussion with BW Businessworld on 2 February, 202 to reflect on the outcomes of Interim Budget 2024. During the conversation, he delved into critical facets of India’s healthcare landscape over the past decade, emphasizing the necessity of prioritization for the sector’s improvement. Mr. Sikka underscored the need to address challenges like policy implementation hurdles, private sector involvement, public-private partnerships, and the requirement for innovative financing mechanisms to drive sustainable and inclusive development in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Acknowledging advancements in policymaking, Mr. Sikka highlighted obstacles like funding gaps and lack of private sector participation which delay the healthcare sector developments. He emphasized the importance of viewing the private sector as an equal partner to the government, especially concerning universal health coverage and the fortification of healthcare infrastructure.

Since its inception, SAMRIDH has diligently worked to support and empower innovative healthcare startups in the Indian Healthcare ecosystem through its blended finance facility. With the intent to empower and capacitate private entities to share an equal burden of the healthcare sector’s development, Mr. Sikka’s recommendations and SAMRIDH’s vision underscores a shared commitment to reinforce a robust foundation for India’s healthcare sector.

Watch the full discussion here