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A Vehicle to Scale Market-ready Healthcare Solutions

SAMRIDH invites applications for its newly launched Recoverable Grants initiative from healthcare enterprises to solve India’s healthcare challenges


Since 2020, SAMRIDH Healthcare Blended Finance Facility has played a catalytic role for social enterprises with market-ready healthcare solutions in scaling up their impact. The Facility’s customized blended finance structures have helped enterprises get affordable capital, supporting their solutions to strengthen Indian healthcare system.

The newly launched Recoverable Grants initiative under SAMRIDH lends or provides grants to recipients to build sustainability of interventions and help create credit history for their social enterprises, making them more investment ready in the future.

It is a pool of funds that provide catalytic capital to multiple recipients to mitigate their short-term financing challenges. Over the stipulated period, the borrower is expected to repay the original principal amount. This cycle of lending and repayment allows the fund to replenish and continually support specific solutions while achieving the multi-fold intended social outcomes.

The initiative leverages philanthropic funding as catalytic capital to mitigate barriers for private and public sector investments in businesses targeting to solve complex socio-economic challenges and achieve SDGs. The support will be complemented with a strong technical assistance and business advisory component.

Principles of Recoverable Grants Initiative





  • Impact: Prioritize impact over returns
  • Additionality: Maximize effectiveness by funding entities that might not receive funding through conventional channels.
  • Sustainability: Ensure financial sustainability for the entity’s desired impact and the return of the principal amount to the pool.
  • Partnerships: Strengthen existing partnerships and forge new ones by providing deal sourcing, technical assistance and identifying needs.


This is an opportunity for small and growing impact-led health sector businesses in emerging markets. It serves businesses that often are too big for micro-finance, too small for private equity, too risky and lack sufficient collateral for commercial banks and lack the growth trajectory that venture capital seeks.

Any established healthcare enterprise that has a market-ready solution to be scaled-up to solve the country’s healthcare challenges can Apply for Funding


Recoverable Grants Help Enterprises in-

Building Track Record: Raising impact-oriented business models and demonstrating ability to both achieve an intended impact and return the fund, thereby building their credit history.

  • Leveraging Additional Investment: Mitigating both real and perceived risks for other lenders through co-lending at different risk-return expectations.
  • Signalling Impact Potential: With a “first-in” anchor investment for a larger capital raise, it increases a social enterprise’s credibility and visibility for other investments.
  • Impact at ecosystem level: Through replenishment and prudent use of the pool of funds, catalytic support to multiple entities is provided over longer duration, leading to a multi-fold impact.

For detailed eligibility criteria, please visit Request for Applications.

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Key Stakeholders

Key Stakeholders