Saral Designs

Focus Area: Health Infrastructure 

Solution: SWACHH 4.0 – Hybrid 3ply mask and sanitary pad making machine 

Geography: Goa, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Assam 


Saral Designs is a manufacturer of SITRA certified 3-ply surgical masks and sanitary napkins catering to vulnerable populations and frontline workers by means of a decentralized machine technology using its “business in a box” solution. SWACHH 4.0 is a low-cost modular ultrasonic machine with availability of multiple add-ons for producing high quality 3-ply masks at a faster rate (50,000 per day). This hybrid automatic machine works on the technology of ultrasonic sealing of non-woven materials used in sanitary pads and masks. It is compact, easily operable and ideal for medium to high scale production requirements. This decentralized machine technology leads to availability of affordable, high quality surgical masks while ensuring a regular supply in different locations. Over the next 1 year, support secured from USAID’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will enable Saral Designs to increase access to high quality masks in vulnerable communities at subsidized rates thereby reducing the spread of the aerosol based infection – COVID-19. To ensure long-term utility of the machines and gain maximum value from the investments, the SWACHH 4.0 can be used for making menstrual hygiene products ensuring livelihood of the local communities post the pandemic.