Saral Designs

Repurposing Technology to Fight COVID-19 Spread


As on August 2023

11.4 Million+

masks manufactured

9.4 Million+

masks sold at subsidised rates

2.4 Mn

masks donated to government hospitals, rural health centers, and children

Geographical Focus
  • Goa, Bihar, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Assam
Potential Impact
  • Produce

    1 Million

    masks per month

Samridh support

At the onset of the second wave of COVID-19 in India, Saral Designs received assistance from SAMRIDH enabling it to maintain good revenue streams, cash flows and steady sales. This was a significant factor in raising a working capital loan, from a commercial bank, for its expansion plans. As a result, by October 2021, through SAMRIDH’s support, Saral Designs was able to double their production capacity to one million masks per month. SAMRIDH also enabled Saral Designs to enhance the distribution of face masks to more vulnerable populations.

As the coronavirus is transmitted via droplets of fluid from the nose or mouth, face masks are essential for health workers who are in direct contact with infected patients. They can also play a role in preventing sick people from spreading the virus when coughing or simply talking or breathing. While the recommendation initially was to wear masks only when taking care of people suspected of COVID-19 infection, in April 2020, WHO issued new guidance on the use of masks for healthy people in community settings to fight COVID-19 spread. Thus, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality, certified masks in different locations became critical for governments to reduce COVID-19 transmission and improve health outcomes especially as social and economic activity resumes.

Low-cost hybrid 3-ply mask making machine

Saral Designs is a manufacturer of SITRA certified 3-ply surgical masks and sanitary napkins that uses a decentralized machine technology. SWACHH 4.0 machine works on ultrasonic sealing of non-woven materials used in sanitary pads. In the wake of COVID-19, SWACHH 4.0 had been repurposed to produce 3-ply surgical masks at a capacity of 50,000 per day. With support from SAMRIDH, Saral Designs was able to scale the production of these high-quality masks at subsidized rates for vulnerable populations. Under the SAMRIDH initiative, Saral Designs produced 9 million masks to be sold at subsidized rates. These masks were distributed at subsidized rates online, through various retail channels, and in partnerships with healthcare workers, schools, and non profits to increase awareness and accessibility in the last mile. Additionally, 0.5 million masks were donated to government hospitals and health centres in Tier 2 & 3 areas, enabling better preparedness for frontline health workers in hospitals and PHCs to handle COVID patients.