Secure Hospitals

Affordable Multi-Specialty Hospitals


As on March 2024


New speciality units established (Dialysis & Neonatologists)


Patients serviced.

Geographical Focus
  • Karnataka – 450 villages across 6 districts
Potential Impact
  • Expand in


    villages across


    districts of Karnataka

Samridh support

SAMRIDH’s financial support, via the recoverable grant initiative, has supported Secure Hospitals with the working capital to expand into 400-450 villages across 6 districts of Karnataka. With a special focus on vulnerable communities, the group aims to increase access to quality secondary care for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) beneficiaries. The expansion also aims to introduce specialized services, maintain affordability, and improve healthcare outcomes for the vulnerable communities. The specialised healthcare services include Urology, Gastroenterology, MICU, Dialysis, and Neonatal Intensive Care. Within SAMRIDH’s support period, Secure Hospital anticipates raising an additional INR 2.67 Cr, enabling SAMRIDH’s financial assistance to be leveraged ~2.15 times its initial investment.

~16,500 medical professionals are needed in Karnataka across PHCs in the 30 districts. [1]
Shortage of 454 PHC centres statewide with disparities between urban and rural areas (245 urban and 209 rural). [2]
Only 1 Health and Wellness Centre available for every 5000 people in rural areas and 3000 people in remote areas. [3]
In Karnataka, despite notable progress in healthcare infrastructure, significant gaps persist, primarily due to shortage and uneven distribution of facilities and workforce between rural and urban areas. This creates challenges in accessing timely and quality healthcare services, perpetuating a cycle of delayed diagnoses and inadequate treatment. To address these gaps, a comprehensive approach is needed, involving targeted investments in Karnataka’s rural healthcare infrastructure to strengthen primary healthcare through addressing financial barriers.

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Secure Hospitals, a multi-specialty hospital chain spans across 5 cities of Karnataka. Through emphasis on strategic facility acquisitions and leveraging local expertise, the group is significantly contributing to improving healthcare accessibility in the underserved regions of Karnataka benefiting the local populace. With a patient-centric approach, it distinguishes itself through their affordable, comprehensive, and quality healthcare services. The group is committed to ensure provisioning of access to quality healthcare irrespective of financial constraints. Through efficient operations and cost management, the Secure group of hospitals consistently provide affordable healthcare, with a positive health outcome.