Primary Healthcare


As on September 2022


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Geographical Focus
  • Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra
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Samridh support

SAMRIDH’s financial assistance has provided Sevamob the means to raise “matching grants“ or equal funding from leading corporates and debt sources. The additional resources unlocked, will enable Sevamob to continue its program beyond the support from SAMRIDH, and deliver sustainable impact on improving the primary healthcare ecosystem in India.

  • 1 doctor for every 1,511 patients and 1 nurse for every 670 patients in India[1]
  • 55 hospital beds per 100K population[2]
  • 63Mn people annually pushed into poverty due to healthcare expenditure[3]

Shortage of doctors and inadequate health infrastructure are long-standing barriers for rural populations in India to access healthcare services. The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the diversion of resources and unavailability of trained doctors, further strained India’s already fragile primary healthcare delivery system. The situation was aggravated by rural populations’ significant hesitation to receive COVID-19 vaccines because of misinformation and mistrust. The primary healthcare needs of these communities need to be met with sustained interventions.

[1] 15th Finance Commission

[2] Human Development Report 2020

[3] Berman, P., Ahuja, R. & Bhandari, L. The impoverishing effect of healthcare payments in India: new methodology and findings. Econ. Polit. Wkly. 45, 65–71 (2010)

Intelligence-enabled Healthcare Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency of increasing access to affordable healthcare for rural and semi-urban communities at the bottom of the pyramid. Sevamob is addressing the scarcity of medical staff and diagnostic services that delay diagnosis and treatment and further impact medical expenses through Al-powered point-of-care screening, patient data management, and telehealth infrastructure.

Currently working towards strengthening the primary healthcare ecosystem across 15+ states in India, Sevamob aims to decongest hospitals and government facilities by providing at-home screening and treatment for asymptomatic, mild, and moderate patients, and provides general health check-ups.

  • Provide 24×7 phone-based (telehealth) medical advice on prevention, symptoms, treatment, hospitalization, vaccination etc. for COVID-19.
  • Undertake home visits in the villages via Mobile Health Units to conduct consultations, screen for symptoms and collect samples for RT-PCR and blood marker tests and chest scans.
  • Facilitate COVID-19 vaccinations by registering high-risk patients in the CoWin app and providing information about vaccination centers. Vaccinate high-risk patients, especially women and adolescents, where vaccines are available.
  • Use a Patient Data Management System to collect data at each level of intervention, which can later be tracked and analyzed through a web-based dashboard.