SN Gene Lab

Focus Area: Diagnostic Services

Solution: Building genome sequencing capacity

Geography: Gujarat

SN Gene Labis a NABL-accredited cytogenetic and molecular diagnostic laboratory. It is strengthening laboratory genomic sequencing capacity through the adoption of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology that provides an effective solution to identify new coronavirus strains and other novel pathogens, support in tracking the transmission routes of the virus globally, detect mutations quickly. These capabilities can support in preventing the spread of new strain types, identifying viral mutations that can avoid detection by established molecular diagnostic assays, and identifying viral mutations that can affect vaccine potency and in screening targets for possible COVID-19 therapeutics. They can also help in identifying and characterizing respiratory co-infections and antimicrobial resistance.

With SAMRIDH’s support, SN Gene Lab is setting up a facility in Surat, Gujarat, that can be used for pathogen tests, such as the search for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR), HIV genotyping, respiratory pathogens, targeted therapeutics, etc. thus, diversifying the use of the NGS.