Bridging Oxygen Supply demand through technology


As on Feb 2023


PSA oxygen plants deployed in public health facilities across India

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  • PAN India
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Samridh support

The financial assistance received from SAMRIDH enabled Spantech to meet the immediate operational expenses for existing purchase orders to install Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plants in government & civil hospitals in Tier 2/Tier 3 locations within Maharashtra. In addition, SAMRIDH offered a partial risk guarantee in the form of cash collateral to unlock additional funding. The collateral support will enable the expansion of improved credit limits and avail affordable credit terms.

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes towards a severe problem of oxygen supply during emergencies. A staggering number of deaths were due to lack of oxygen supply rather than the virus itself. Currently efforts are being made in this space to increase the supply and storage of medical oxygen in India. Both the government and private players are working towards creating new technologies and respiratory plants across the country to increase production of medical oxygen in India.

Strengthening respiratory healthcare infrastructure

Spantech Engineers has equipped targeted public health facilities across India with new Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) Oxygen units to provide critical care by ensuring continuous oxygen supply. Spantech has the technological expertise to develop the entire plant indigenously with import of only necessary component of Zeolite Molecular Sieves (ZMS). The plants are directly installed at the site. The key raw material for import of ZMS takes about 30 days during which the fabrication is readied at the installation site. Post ZMS arrival, it takes about 4-5 days for commissioning.