Focus Area: Health Infrastructure

Solution:  SUKHDA CONNECT, a hub-and-spoke model to deliver quality yet affordable healthcare to rural India

Geography: Hisar

Sukhda Connect aims to strengthen India’s primary healthcare and introduce potentially lifesaving technology under critical and surgical care in low-access and low-income locations starting with Hisar. What started as a 20-bed facility now houses over 120 beds, Sukhda hospital has been providing affordable preventative primary healthcare for the last 19 years. Using Sukhda hospital as the main hub, the project aims to create multiple “spokes” which stem out of the hub within a 100 km radius. These “spokes” will each be equipped with quality yet affordable healthcare services while also creating a community of physicians and specialists for teleconsultation on tougher cases. Each spoke will be connected to the hub and will work through the established communication channels of telemedicine, diagnostics, etc.

The long-term goals of this structure include, providing multiple First Points of Contact through the spokes., Continuity of Care, Providing Comprehensiveness of Care, Providing transparent and Managed Care structures.

This main aim of this project is to strengthen its systems through provision of comprehensive and continuum of healthcare. Increased mortality and low morbidity rates in the target areas. Reduction in fatalities due to shortfall of health services.