Strengthening India’s cardiac health through timely intervention


As on August 2023


Spandan ECG devices deployed


Patients directly screened through Spandan ECG devices

Samridh support

With SAMRIDH’s support , Sunfox aims to reduce cardiac morbidity and mortality throughout the nation by lowering the cost of the device, establishing the use of early ECG, making ECG a home care device for known cardiac patients and those who are predisposed to developing cardiac diseases.

African Presence

Sunfox has established their presence in 12 countries on the African subcontinent through its intervention Spandan ECG. They have established an active and prospective channel of medical device suppliers and doctors in these countries who have made it possible for Spandan to start the process of medical device compliance certification. So far, there are over 400 Spandan ECG deployed in the African continent actively being used at homes, clinics and medical campaigns and have conducted over 10,000 tests. Sunfox has registered Spandan ECG with the Kenya Pharmacy Board. They are now working on registering the product in other African countries as well. Sunfox has also partnered with United Pharma in Kenya, Global Lifecare in Tanzania and Faryar Pharma Ltd. Mogadishu in Somalia for deployment of Spandan ECG units.

Geographical Focus
  • Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir and Delhi
Potential Impact
  • – Reach

    1 million

  • 0.65 million

    ECG tests to be done
  • – Deploy


    Spandan ECG devices in semi-urban areas of Tier 1 cities
  • – Onboard Spandan ECG devices in


    clinics and small hospitals in Tier 2 / 3 cities.



of the global deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases in 2019


deaths due to heart attacks in India consistent since last four years

Less than 20% of hospitals in India have advanced equipment for detecting arrhythmia or coronary heart disease. An early electrocardiogram (ECG) is a simple test that can be used to diagnose cardiac disease and save lives by allowing for timely and effective treatment. Millions of lives lost to cardiovascular diseases may be prevented if round-the-clock monitoring equipment, routine monitoring, and cardiac evaluation were accessible.

Spandan ECG

Sunfox aims to diagnose life-threatening cardiac events in patients within the “golden hour” and work on preventing such events by routine monitoring with their cost-effective device called Spandan ECG at the most remote locations in the country. Spandan will be made readily available across the country, including most neglected and vulnerable communities, with the objective of making home ECG and routine cardiac tracking a reality by making the devices affordable and ensuring reliable tele-reporting of the ECGs.