Uplift India Association

Focus Area: Health Infrastructure

Solution:  Medical support for Truck Drivers especially those working in COVID zones supply

Geography: PAN India

Website: https://www.upliftmutuals.org/

Uplift India Association (Uplift Mutual) aims to provide outpatient care and financial health protection to truck drivers, a traditionally vulnerable and marginalized community in India. Despite being the backbone of the supply and logistics line of the economy, truck drivers are often ignored when it comes to policy decisions regarding their safety and welfare. Uplift Mutual aims to build a mutual health protection model for truck drivers that will be embedded as a part of safe driving-induced financial incentives where truck drivers get onboarded through a driver safe driving app. In its pilot project its targeting to cover 10,000 truck drivers.

Truck driving is a risky field, especially when supplying to COVID-afflicted areas, keeping this in mind, Uplift’s program aims to cover hospitalization expenses including cover for COVID, 24×7 teleconsultation support, outpatient care cover at logistical hubs (starting with Mumbai, Pune) and healthcare navigation support. With support from SAMRIDH, Uplift aims to reduce the number of accidents among enrolled versus non-enrolled truck drivers, improve vaccination drives for truckers, reduce out-of-pockets expenses on hospitalization and outpatient care for truck drivers and nudge them to buy better health protection cover