WIPRO GE Healthcare

Training and Capacity Building of Health Workers


As on August 2022


CHWs trained


Paramedical Staff, 900 Nurses, and 900 Doctors trained

Geographical Focus
  • PAN India
Potential Impact
  • Reach



Samridh support

The partnership with SAMRIDH enabled Wipro GE to substantially leverage grant funds to secure a matching grant from the Government of India and philanthropic funding for scaling up its training program for COVID-19 preparedness training. SAMRIDH also worked with Wipro GE to align training locations with the USAID-funded RISE program led by JHPIEGO.


doctor for every 1511 patients in India [1]


nurse for every 670 patients in India [2]


doctors in India are based in urban areas, serving only 28% of the population [3]

A shortage of qualified health workers in remote and rural areas limits access to healthcare services and challenges the goal of achieving health for all. This urban-rural divide in the distribution and retention of trained healthcare workforce was acutely felt during the deadly second wave of the pandemic when the virus spread to India’s tier 2 and rural areas. This necessitated training healthcare workers in the basics of COVID-19 management to alleviate the stress on already strapped healthcare systems.

Training and management of healthcare workers across India

Wipro GE has trained healthcare workers across India on COVID-19 protocols and management techniques with special focus on paediatric care. The training plan mainly designed for COVID-19 treatment covers the following broad areas: ICMR-detailed COVID-19 management protocol; Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Protocol; Basics of Mechanical Ventilation; Paediatric sepsis/septic shock; Medications in paediatric critical care; Mechanical ventilation in paediatrics; Duchene’s muscular dystrophy; Infant resuscitation; Paediatric advanced life support; and how to protect children. This has enabled nursing graduates, doctors, paramedical staff, and community health workers in underserved regions to be better prepared to face emerging COVID-19 waves.

Post training, Wipro GE continues to update healthcare professionals with all the new information on ICMR protocols through an App and Portal, and is also holding refresher training programs. Further, Wipro GE is leveraging its strategic partnerships with hospitals, colleges, state governments and industry bodies, such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Healthcare Sector Skill Council, and Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission (UPSDM) to further expand the program.