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Welcome to the next edition of SAMRIDH Strides.

The past few months have been nothing short of exciting for us. From new partnerships, learning events to receiving recognition for our efforts at a global platform, SAMRIDH continues to make steady and perhaps even accelerating progress towards its mission to strengthen India’s health systems.

The improved COVID-19 situation in the country, has also afforded us the opportunity to meet a lot of our stakeholders in-person over the past quarter. These interactions have helped us in further strengthening our collaborations. Moreover, they have reinforced our belief in SAMRIDH’s approach and the impact it is making on the ground.

As always, Team SAMRIDH remains committed to improving healthcare services for the vulnerable populations in India.

Wishing safety and good health to all!

Himanshu Sikka

Project Director
Technical Support Unit
at IPE Global



Roopa Satish

Country Head
CSR & Sustainable Banking IndusInd Bank

As there are different types of investors and capital, SAMRIDH through its blended finance model helps mitigate risks by bringing together these investors and provides banks with appropriate risk mitigation structures like First Loss Default Guarantees, Cash Collaterals, and others. This partnership, therefore, helps both parties – the companies get access to more affordable bank finance and banks get protection from start-up failure risks.


HDFC Bank commits up to USD 50 Million via SAMRIDH to support healthcare business, including initiatives towards supporting women entrepreneurs in healthcare ecosystem. Through this partnership, HDFC Bank and SAMRIDH will work closely to structure innovative financial instruments and blended financing solutions to enhance investments in high impact solutions in the healthcare sector.

SAMRIDH announced its partnership with Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Limited (AMTZ) for enhanced access to innovations and blended finance for health start-ups. The Memorandum of Understanding, signed on 14 July, will enable SAMRIDH-supported health businesses to access the AMTZ manufacturing set-up to accelerate production of high impact health solutions. With AMTZ bringing in its extensive and rich experience in incubating and nurturing MedTech start-ups, and SAMRIDH leveraging its expertise in enabling healthcare businesses with easy and affordable access to capital and business advisory services, this collaboration is a crucial step forward to spur growth and innovation in the MedTech space.

SAMRIDH wins the 2022 P3 Impact Award at the Concordia Annual Summit, in New York

SAMRIDH was announced as the winner of 2022 P3 Impact Award, by the U.S. Department of State’s Special Representative for Global Partnerships, Dorothy McAuliffe, at the Concordia Annual Summit, in New York, on September 20th, 2022. This award is led by the Office of Global Partnerships at the U.S. Department of State, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Institute for Business in Society, and Concordia. Each year, the award is presented to recognize exemplary cross-sector collaborations for providing innovative solutions to pressing challenges in areas such as economic growth and development, sustainability, and global health.

SAMRIDH is the first Indian initiative to receive this global recognition for catalyzing a multi-sectoral collaboration to improve healthcare services for hard to reach & vulnerable populations in India.


SN Gene

SN Gene Lab, a NABL accredited cytogenetic and molecular diagnostic laboratory, uses next generation sequencing (NGS) to identify new coronavirus strains and other novel pathogens and support in tracking the transmission routes of the virus globally. SAMRIDH's blended finance solution has enabled SN Gene Lab to set up a facility in Surat, Gujarat to detect multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR), HIV genotyping, and respiratory pathogens.
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ChildFund India

SAMRIDH is supporting ChildFund India to scale its project ‘COVID Mukt Gaon’ across three states. Through this initiative ChildFund is working in collaboration with the National Health Mission & state governments to provide COVID-19 vaccinations, basic healthcare services, equipment, and child-friendly care (pediatric services) in tribal communities in Bastar, Udaipur, Durgapur, East Singhbhum, and Ranchi.
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PLUSS Advanced Technologies

Leveraging philanthropic funds, SAMRIDH provides support to Pluss Advanced Technologies to increase the manufacturing capacity of its ‘temperature-controlled’ shipping containers for pharmaceuticals, called Celsure®. They use ‘phase change materials’ for electricity-free temperature control and are used in the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive pharma products, including vaccines.
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Aerobiosys Innovations

SAMRIDH supports Aerobiosys Innovations in the development of a portable, cost effective, battery-powered ventilator, Jeevan Lite. Its design is based on turbine-driven flow with a smartphone app for control. Jeevan Lite’s uninterrupted operation for up to five hours will provide affordable ICU care to 50,000+ critical patients.
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of change

ChildFund India: Impact Story

With support from SAMRIDH, ChildFund India is implementing ‘COVID Mukt Gaon’ project to drive COVID-19 awareness and vaccine campaigns in the tribal regions of India. Watch this video to learn how ChildFund is empowering healthcare workers in public health facilities to deliver transformative results on ground.

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AWL Expands cold and ambient storage supply chains for Pharmaceuticals

In the thick of the second wave of COVID-19, SAMRIDH’s support to AWL India was instrumental in scaling its efforts to develop a seamless pan-India network of climate-controlled warehouses for the delivery of COVID-19 supplies and vaccines. Today, AWL has expanded beyond vaccines and remodelled its end-to-end supply chain to fit the complete healthcare service range.

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SAMRIDH | Leveraging Partnerships for Impact

SAMRIDH is not only transforming the Indian Healthcare landscape but is also leading the way in driving Public-Private Partnerships to improve lives of the vulnerable populations. Watch this video to hear from our key partners on what makes SAMRIDH a unique partnership.

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Prabhav 2022

12-13th September | New Delhi

At Prabhav 2022, India’s pre-eminent impact investing convention hosted by Impact Investors Council (IIC), SAMRIDH led two sessions under the “Debt Impact Investing” track of the event. The sessions’ focussed on understanding the debt impact landscape in India, its growth, scalability and sustainability in the Indian context with special emphasis on expanding these models across various sectors.

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India Blended Finance Collaborative (IBFC) Masterclass #1

1st September | Virtual

In the first ever masterclass organized by India Blended Finance Collaborative (IBFC), an initiative led by USAID and Impact Investors Council (IIC), SAMRIDH in collaboration with Samhita Social Ventures hosted an insightful session to highlight how blended finance can be a powerful tool for CSR leaders to amplify the impact of grants. The session delved into the various types and structures of blended finance instruments, showcased through practical real-world examples of organisations funded through SAMRIDH. The masterclass can be watched here.

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SAMRIDH Learning Session

14th July | New Delhi

SAMRIDH brought together all its diverse partners under one roof for its first learning session. This provided SAMRIDH’s investee partners an opportunity to share their inspiring growth journeys and impact on ground with a wide audience including stakeholders from the government, development agencies, philanthropies, financial institutions and academia. The event also included an expert panel to discuss the challenges and opportunities to improve the quantity and quality of investment in healthcare through blended finance structures.

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How can Blended Finance Act as a Catalyst to Deliver SDGs

9th June | Mumbai

The session, hosted by Societe Generale, brought together a high-powered panel to shed light on the role blended finance can play in raising resources to accelerate progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a healthcare-focused blended finance facility, SAMRIDH shared its approach and experience of designing blended finance structures that are playing a crucial role in unlocking commercial investments for impact-led healthcare businesses.

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The Sustainable Access to Market and Resources for Innovative Delivery of Healthcare (SAMRIDH), is an initiative under USAID/ India and IPE Global’s Flagship project Partnerships for Affordable Healthcare Access and Longevity (PAHAL) to catalyze innovative financing mechanisms to improve healthcare services for India’s most vulnerable populations.

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